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Monday, January 10, 2022

PCBasket 2K22: NBA, Euroleague & FIBA Roster Announcement

PCBasket, a project for basketball gamers

"I am pleased to announce that my PCBasket project is back, and will be available for NBA 2K22"

This course 2021-2022 will be my sixth year at NBA 2K Modding. I still remember the first time I started designing my first mods for NBA 2K. In 2016 I tried to recreate the Olympics Games Rio 2016 in NBA 2K16. From that project I didn´t stop at this, I kept learning and every time I felt capable of doing more things.  Until this moment I was only able to modify some textures and create uniforms, but I enjoyed it as a child. The following year I tried to recreate the Eurobasket 2017 in NBA 2K17. I did the best I could even though we were really just two people working on it with very limited tools and knowledge. 

The turning point came in 2018 when I met a group of guys with the same creative capacity and desire to create something special. They were active users at acblive forum. The fact that we were all spanish helped us create a very interesting group. In 2018 I learned for the first time how to create my cyberfaces. That allowed us to create more original content than we used to. 

ACB 2K18 and EURO 2K19 were two projects that were never 100% completed but that allowed us to show to the NBA 2K fans what we were capable of. Finally, and with a long journey at modding, we managed to release a full version of the project in 2021 with PCBasket 2K20Currently PCBasket 2K20 accumulates more than 200,000 downloads on my website and is one of the 10 most downloaded rosters on 2KShare.

Here´s the PCBasket 2K20 Trailer

After the release of PCBasket 2K20, I needed a break. It took us many hours. So in NBA 2K21 I only released a demo, with national teams that participated in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Now PCBasket is back, and with PCBasket 2K22, I intend to do the biggest project ever released on my website. 

7 Leagues - 1 Roster

We will keep NBA and WNBA by default. Improving the NBA experience, since we will be adding cyberfaces to those players with generic faces (missing face scans) and we will even keep the look of the players up to date in case they have not been scanned by 2K in recent years.

We´ll add all 18 Euroleague teams: Alba Berlin, Anadolu Efes Istanbul, AS Monaco, Armani Milan, Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz, Crvena Zvezda Belgrade, CSKA Moscow, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Fenerbahce Istanbul, Asvel Villeurbanne, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Olympiacos Piraeus, Panathinaikos Athens, Real Madrid, UNICS Kazan, Zalgiris Kaunas and Zenit St Petersburg. We will add a selection of the best teams from Eurocup and BCL (Basketball Champions League) yet to be confirmed. In addition, the ACB (Spanish League) will be included, as well as 50 FIBA ​​national teams.

The goal is to recreate each league: NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, BCL, ACB and FIBA ​​faithfully.  This includes realistic cyberfaces on NBA 2K22 (I'll try to simulate facial scans), uniforms, courts, ratings, portraits, and much more. With the intention of making it look like an official product, and thus provide NBA 2K fans, a roster like never seen before. Not only for fans of the NBA, but basketball in general. Including European and international basketball with an unprecedented level of detail.

We will try to release the first version at Christmas, although we hope to give you an early access (demo) so that you can test the project during its process.

Try now the PCBasket 2K22 Demo here.


Unknown said...

realese data plz?

Shuajota said...

Hi, we are working hard on this every single day. But I can´t say a release date yet. We´ll release it as soon as we can. I´ll post screenshots and news on this soon.

guest said...

Im a big fan of pc basket 2k20 and have been playing it for a long time!I was just wondering if you could add fans cheering and singing their songs because fans in europe are crazy!I would be grateful if you responded!

Shuajota said...

Hi guest, thanks for the support. Unfortunately those audios don't seem to work properly when we replace them. Right now, we have a lot of work ahead of us, redesigning the version for NBA 2K22. But it is something that we will try to find out in the future.

Unknown said...

Will you need to download the mod or this would be on nba 2k22 create roster section with all cyberfaces and all that stuff?

Shuajota said...

Hello Unknown, roster section is just for the database. This will work with a Mods folder for all the artwork: cyberfaces, courts, balls, scoreboards, etc.

lemisius said...

realese data?

Shuajota said...

Hi lemisius, I hope to release a first version by the end of January. Tomorrow I´m releasing a demo as Christmas gift. For more info and progress, you can join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/7dbhWmbdkQ.

thank you said...

thank you very much!!

thank you said...

thank you very much!!!

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