NBA 2K21 2022 UAR Xperience Community Roster V4 12.25.2021 by Darth-Skinett - Shuajota: NBA 2K22 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

NBA 2K21 2022 UAR Xperience Community Roster V4 12.25.2021 by Darth-Skinett

UAR NBA 2k21 **Xperience** Community Rosters v2

1. Rosters updated as of December 25th 2021

2. Player Injuries have been added that are over a month.
I did not apply the Covid 19 self isolation since it changes so quickly

3. All 30 Teams Player Rotations have been updated

4. Player and Rookie Ratings have been updated (WIP)

5. New Player Portraits added

6. Missing Players added (WIP)

7. More 2021 Rookies added / created

8. Updated Coach Ratings for all Teams

9. Updated some Assistant Coaches

Author´s Note

This year I took a different approach to creating the UAR 2k21 Rosters.

After my last release of the NBA 2k20 UAR Rosters I spent some time playing MyTeam in NBA 2k21. 

I realized how important Badges and Hot Zones are to players and how much it affects gameplay.  Here is a list with all the NBA 2k21 Badges and what they do if you are interested.

The 1st thing I decided to do was review and update the Hot Zones and Badges for most of the Players in NBA 2K21 except for some Rookies and Free Agents who will be updated once the season starts and we can see how they perform.

I then looked at all the Stars and Top Performers on every team and updated their ratings so they can play to our expectations.  After that, all the other players were adjusted so I could establish a Tier System for rating players.

I did quite a bit of testing and it was fun playing with the UAR Sliders.

What is not fun, is trying to stop James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving...when they try to 3pt shoot you to death...LOL

You may have to adjust the UAR Base Sliders based on your skill level but you will get a better idea of what I am trying to do with the Rosters if you use them.

As in the current NBA...Teams will shoot more 3 pointers than mid range shots or driving layups but they will exploit you off screens, picks, down low if you leave your guy open or if there is a mismatch. So that is what you can expect in the UAR Rosters.

Current Player injuries will be added in the v2 or v3 release so enjoy playing with no injuries for now so you can test out each team properly.

I know I missed some stuff so let me know what may need adjusting etc...

Your feedback is always appreciated and in the end we all just want the game to be as good as it can be.


I still got more updates to do but this is what we got so far...

UAR NBA 2k21 **Xperience** Community Rosters v1

1. Rosters updated as of October 18th 2021
2. Updated Coach Ratings for all teams
3. All 30 Teams Player Rotations have been updated
4. UAR Base Game Sliders created
5. Player and Rookie Contracts have been updated
6. Player Jersey Numbers Updated
7. Updated Player Portraits
8. Missing Player and CF's added (Shuajota)
9. Alternate Courts Added for all Teams (UAR 2k20)
10. Team Jerseys added or updated (UAR 2k20)
11. 2021 Rookies added
12. Kicksology 2k21 by Sean Barkley, Billows & Pharrell added
13. Updated Jersey Sponsors (Portland Missing)
14. TNT Presentation added

Mod Info: This mod created by Darth-Skinett adds an updated roster based on the 2021-2022 NBA season to  NBA 2K21 PC. 

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