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NBA 2K22 Remastered - The details you were waiting for and Release Date

NBA 2K22 Remastered - The details you were waiting for and Release Date

Author´s note (Mahmood)

Hi all, I'm back again with another update for 2K22 Remastered. It's been a little while since our last update, and we've gotten an utter ton of work done this last grace period. Just recently, I streamed some footage and had a little Q&A on YouTube. If you'd like to see the mod in action, feel free to comb through the video. It will be linked below. I'd like to share a few things with you, including the release date, so stick around for it, as it's pertinent to the timeline of the mod!

Brand-New Fully 3d Player Editor Suite

As you saw in our previous blog, our improvements with the player editor had built a solid foundation to work upon. Now, with a little bit of elbow grease, Psamyou'll and I have implemented an all-new Locker Room background complete with matching lighting in the edit player menu. This environment is entirely 3D and, once you have your hands on Remastered, you'll be finding excuses to check out your favorite player in the editor! The background being 3D also means we can import as many assets / 3D models as we please and will allow us to truly customize our environment if we so choose. As for the lighting, we have enabled Ray-Tracing which comes with some pretty next-level results! Check it out yourself above.

Another thing worth mentioning is our inclusion of Murals in Remastered this year. Last year was our first year of releasing Remastered, so we were fairly limited with our content in order to remain consistent with our efforts across the board. With a bigger team this year along with our expanded know-how, we've set out to include a few more prime additions such as Murals for each NBA team. Our guy VDW has been cranking out a few murals a day the past week, and the results couldn't be sweeter. Just check them out above!

Optimized / Next-Gen Fonts

Capitalizing off of our font-related discoveries detailed in our previous blog, I have assigned new fonts for the UI by way of editing the English.iff files. I discovered there were several more font files in the Manifest, so I've been able to experiment with plenty more font selections than I had before. This results in a Next-Gen like UI and an overall fresh experience! The Team Select screen also benefits from this greatly as seen in our Murals screenshot!

Our 2K22 Remastered scoreboard and existing lower3rd elements also benefit from our newly assigned fonts! Check out our groovy scoreboard above.

All-New Jerseys

Another prime inclusion this year are jerseys specially made for NBA 2K22 Remastered. This was a part I really wanted to include last year but never found the time to create jerseys for each team. Our jersey creator, Krush, has done a fantastic job creating and implementing jerseys with special normal and region maps to make 'em pop! Check out the Brooklyn Nets away jersey above

All-New Promohub

Since last year, something I wanted more than anything else was to change the Promohub. This year, Psamyou'll has worked has magic once again and created an editable Promohub template. This allows us to show special images, completely implement our own design and more. As Remastered receives updates, you'll find that Changelogs are commonly posted within that version's Promohub. Last year, the Changelogs were in extremely long and complex notepad files, so we've opted to make our changes viewable both in-game and conveniently, likely to the relief of Remastered users.

First Look at Lighting

While our lighting is not quite ready to show off just yet, we've got a little sneak peek of the fidelity you should expect from Remastered. Spoiler Alert, TheMochna is still a master of the lighting scene.
Release Information

After much deliberation with the team and some planning, we have finally chosen a Release Date for NBA 2K22 Remastered! We will release on November 20th, 2021. Our initial release will include all the trappings: Updated UI, Ray-Traced Lighting, a modified Take On Reality Global, Jerseys for each team, etc. Our true-to-life NBA roster will begin development shortly after release, but the timetable for it is still TBD.

That wraps up this update from Team Remastered. We have worked fervently these past two weeks and our work is beginning to pay off massively. While release is the ultimate goal, we're still working to improve and streamline the experience at levels never seen before. And as much as I wanted to show additional content, it would have been entirely too much to post. The content in Remastered this year is really unlike anything I've seen before, and I'm sure our team members will agree. By release time in November, we expect to have all of our ducks in a row and our content finalized. Leading up to the release, we'll no doubt have more to show, so be sure to follow this thread via the Notify options! Thank you for reading this development blog, and thank you for your interest in NBA 2K22 Remastered. See you soon with more updates concerning NBA Twitter, possible 2K Hook Plugins and more! :100: If you have any suggestions for Remastered, or have any questions about what we've shown, be sure to reply to this post!


  1. is it possible to play online with this mod or could give problems / crashes ? thanks and.... great job !