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EYEUC: A pretty talented NBA 2K23 Modding Community

EYEUC: A pretty talented Chinese NBA 2K23 Modding Community

EYEUC, what´s that? I know many of you will ask that question. EYEUC is the most active modding community for NBA 2K video game in China.

If you've ever played NBA 2K PC, I'm sure you know about "Mods", this term could be defined as "modified files (by artists aka" modders ") that change graphic aspects. This can be cyberfaces, floors , arenas, portraits, and an a huge etc.

The first time I started modding was in 2016. I remember that the first community I was aware of was NLSC Forum, run by Andrew and Dee4three, both guys are passionate about basketball and very good people. I was pleasantly surprised to see how talented those who posted works (mods) on that site for NBA Live and NBA 2K.

Little by little I became part of that community, of which I am proud to belong. And I have met amazing guys like TGSoGood, Dee4three, as I mentioned before, R4zoR, Thunder Shaq, maumau78, PeaceManNot, and others who have been part more recently like Mahmood, Psamyou´ll among others. In addition to the ModdingWay website, which has been important to me as there were many modders with my same mother tongue.

After almost 7 years contributing to the NBA 2K modding community, my site shuajota.com has become a go-to site for those looking to get mods. With hundreds of jobs behind my back, and great projects like PCBasket, journalists like Brian Mazique, to whom I am very grateful, have supported me on such prestigious sites as Forbes.com magazine. 

I am aware that at the beginning, it is exciting that someone talks about you, and speaks well of your work. So for years I have been trying to help modders by promoting their content.

A couple of years ago, in my process of meeting other guys, I came across EYEUC, who as I said at the beginning of this article, are a Chinese community full of talent. There you can find a multitude of mods every day by its admin Looyh, and Arteezyraul77, NoobMayCry, 2KAWEI, ECPH, HC23, etc. It's crazy, how passionate those guys are. 

If you live in the USA or Europe, it may be impossible for you to access. But thanks to an invitation from one of its members, I was able to be part of them. Therefore, everything they publish, you can find it here on my website before anywhere else.

I want to give a special shout out to Looyh, creator of EYEUC and essential guy in NBA 2K modding, author of NBA 2K23 Mods folder and NBA 2K22 Tools, an all-in-one editor that does the delights of any custom roster creator.

So now you know, find out daily Mods from EYEUC, modders around the world and my own creations in the NBA 2K22 category of the top panel of the web, to access the dropdown with subcategories for Mods: Cyberfaces, Jerseys, Courts, Portraits, Rosters, etc.

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