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NBA 2K22 1995-1996 Classic Roster Update by keibo


This mod created by keibo adds a 1995-1996 roster update to NBA 2K22 PC.

Roster Info:

Id mindolo2712
content name: 1995-1996 roster

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the roster was made for playing in my league so it contains :

- based on Thunder shaq's 1997 roster for 2k20 (for most of players, some coach and team tactics) with some players and coaches from 89-90 dmx_1933's roster.
- roster on 2nd november 1995 (except for mourning at miami, since the transfer happened the 3rd)
- contract lenght, years left, salaries, bird right for each player according to realgm and basketball-reference
- vitals for each player (year played in 1995, date of birth, etc...)
- coaches and assistant coach (at least for name, since cyberface number changed for some generic cyberface, some coach might have face that doesn't look like the real one) for every team.
- 1995 city population, correct stats for every team (nba, conference and division championship earned, number of win and loose, number of playoffs participations, 1995 playoffs results, didn't change "last year stats" and team records
- Courts logos and jersey for all teams
- dornas for all teams (ported from natkra90's 2k20 retro mod)
- some cyberface for created player (most of them are made by Retrojack for 2k21)

and some some shit I probably forgot

I also added a 96 draft class (based on thunder shaq 2k20 one) with 60 real players who started or being drafted in 96, rest of players in the draft class are "retro filler" with 40 gen so only real players will be drafted. the general of real players are made according to their draft rank, so ben wallace for example, got 64 general but a A+ potential.

I finally also uploaded a myleague save and made all non real player in free agency (created around 20 players for free agency) "retro filler" once again my goal was to avoid any non fictional player to appears in any team.

the roster is probably far from being perfect in terms of attribute and tendancies and badges, but I tried to make it the most complete I could.

 Update 1.0.2

- Dominant hand fixed

Update 1.0.1

- Added ASG 96 roster, courts and jersey
- Fixed Michael Jordan dominant hand
- Fixed Kevin Garnett years played
- Fixed cuonzo martin (FA) dna


- Thunder Shaq for base roster and draft class
- Dmx_1933 for base roster
- natkra90 for dornas mod (stadium and dornas file), and gatorade cooler
- Retrojack for most of cyberfaces added
- Dlodinglo for 2 or 3 faces from his 96 draft class
- michaelvlutz49 For 2k21's physics jersey and retro shorts
- Sticky-fingers, for tnt scoreboard, no shot clock on court, phil jackson, young pat riley, young popovich and young george karl cyberface

Hope none of those guy mind the use of their mods in this roster and that I forgot no one.

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