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NBA 2K22 2021-22 Indiana Pacers Declaration Edition Court 8K by SRT-LeBron


NBA 2K22 2021-22 Charlotte Hornets City Edition Court 8K by SRT-LeBron

This mod created by SRT-LeBron adds the declaration edition court for Indiana Pacers to NBA 2K22 PC.

The latest version of the game has updated the city jersey. Switching the jersey can trigger the city floor.

V1.9: Cavaliers City Edition ( f004_alt ) Wasp City Edition ( f031_alt ) Pacers Declaration Edition ( f020_alt ) Kings City Edition ( f013_alt )
Pacers wear declaration jerseys to trigger, The king needs tools to trigger
V1.8: Spurs City Editionf025_alt ) Pistons City Edition ( f021_alt ) Pistons Manifesto Editionf021_alt2 )
V1.7: 76ers City Edition update ads ( f000_alt ) Nets ( f018_alt ) Lone Ranger ( f017_alt ) Warriors ( f029_alt1 )
V1.6: Jazz City Edition ( f012_alt ) Nuggets City Edition ( f019_alt2 ) Nuggets Manifesto Edition ( f019_alt )
V1.5: Heat ( f010_alt ) Knicks ( f014_alt ) City Edition update  Thank you for the reset of the Heat HD logo
V1.4: Eagle City Edition ( f009_alt )
V1.3: Bucks Manifesto Edition Number ( f001_alt2 ) directly into the mod folder. Switching the Bucks black jersey to trigger
V1.2: Sun City version ( f026_alt ) update and add arena name
V1.1: 76ers classic floor ( f000_alt )
V1.0: number: Warriors classic floor: ( f029_alt3.iff ) Just put the mod folder and switch the Warriors’ 75th anniversary classic jersey. Trigger
Compared with the previous version, change the color and adjust the details.

This resource sticker will continue to update the city + classic floor in the future. Stay tuned!

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