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NBA 2K22 Mods Folder by Looyh (2022)

As many of you already know, thanks to the Hook plugin created by Looyh, we can install mods in NBA 2K22 on PC. To date, the latest version is V0.0.7, which was released on November 1, 2021.

But after this version, Looyh has released a bunch of scripts, thanks to which we can unlock new functionalities, and as I have read these weeks, many of you did not know about the existence of these scripts.

This is why, I share my hook with all the scripts (already configured) at the link below.


1. Latest Hook version 0.0.7 

2. All Scripts

Basically there are 4 scripts:

2.1. Player Editor+: It enables Headbands, new sneakers and Other Options in player editor.

2.2. UnlockDebugOptions.lua: It enables many debug options in-game.

2.3. RosterModding.lua: this prevents our modifications on a roster from being altered and returned to the default values

2.4. ForcePlayerPortraits.lua: It allows us to force a photo file (portrait) for all players on a roster.

How to Install

Unrar the .rar content into your main NBA 2K22 installation folder.

Download Link

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