NBA 2K22: How to Assign Courts to Jerseys (Tutorial) by SRT-LeBron & Shuajota - Shuajota: NBA 2K22 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

NBA 2K22: How to Assign Courts to Jerseys (Tutorial) by SRT-LeBron & Shuajota


NBA 2K22: How to Assign a Court to a Specific Jersey by SRT-LeBron & Shuajota


How to Assign a Court to a specific Jersey in NBA 2K22

This tutorial is very useful for extra courts such as City, Classic and other designs.

1. First of all, you have to know that the files corresponding to the courts are given with the name fXXX.iff, where XXX is the ID of each NBA team. 

*(City version: fxxx_alt.iff  /  Classic version: fxxx_alt2.iff) ("XXX" represents the team number) 

To check which ID belongs to each team, you have the list below. For our example, we´ll take the Nets:

f018.iff - Regular version

f018_alt.iff - City Edition

f018_alt2.iff - Classic / Declaration Edition

2. Copy the iff files into your Mods folder.

3. Open your Roster 

(Or press on "create roster" if it´s your first time)

4. Open NBA 2K22 Tools, Team Edit, select the team you need to change, press on edit and select arena to edit.

5. Select the jersey to be triggered and enter the corresponding floor/court number.

6. Go back to the game save roster (must remember to save), load the custom roster while playing, and select the corresponding jersey to trigger the corresponding floor. 

Effect picture:

NBA Team IDs:

f000 76ers

f001 Bucks

f002 Wizards

f003 Bulls

f004 Cavs

f005 Celtics

f006 Clippers

f008 Grizzlies

f009 Hawks

f010 Heat

f011 Pelicans

f012 Jazz

f013 Kings

f014 Knicks

f015 Lakers

f016 Magic

f017 Mavs

f018 Nets

f019 Nuggets

f020 Pacers

f021 Pistons

f022 Raptors

f023 Rockets

f024 Thunder

f025 Spurs

f026 Suns

f027 Wolves

f028 Blazers

f029 Warriors

f031 Hornets

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