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NBA 2K22 MSG Broadcaster Pack (Knicks) by vetmin


This mod created by vetmin adds a realistic MSG broadcaster pack (New York Knicks) to NBA 2K22 PC.


- Do NOT simply drag & drop into your general mods folder. That will not work.

- Cyberfaces (all the IFF files in the "Knicks_MSG" folder) are intended for use alongside other presentation elements in the manner described by Santicruyff here -> Make sure you understand how to organize and toggle on/off multiple mods folders at once via looyh's Hook.

- Recommended approach (from within your main "NBA 2K22" folder, the same folder that contains NBA2k22.exe, not your general mods folder):

---- Either simply drag & drop the "Knicks_MSG" folder into the main "NBA 2K22" folder, or drag its contents into another folder you may have already set up for mods for this TV network (i.e., with breakboard, scoreboard, etc.).

- VERY IMPORTANT... In order to get the sideline reporters' names to appear, within the extracted "Knicks_MSG" folder (or whatever your personal equivalent is)...

---- Notice the file called TEXT.VCLOCALIZEDATA. (This contains all the game's text, so if you already use a modded version of this particular file, then stop, because you'll have to hex edit the names into your modded file yourself. Happy to help, just ask here ->

---- Copy & paste your english.iff file into the "Knicks_MSG" folder. The reason this download folder does not already include english.iff is because many people use modded versions, so the base english.iff file that you copy & paste should be whatever you personally use. If you do not use a modded english.iff, a default version (as of Nov. 28, 2021) has been included in the main directory of this ZIP download for your convenience. Just drag this into the "Knicks_MSG" folder.

---- Replace the TEXT.VCLOCALIZEDATA in english.iff with the one included in the "Knicks_MSG" folder.

---- Delete TEXT.VCLOCALIZEDATA from the "Knicks_MSG" folder. (It's useless outside of english.iff.)

---- OPTIONAL: Delete english.iff from your main mods folder. This isn't necessary, but it removes the possibility of your general mods english.iff being prioritized over the broadcast version you want to be using. I always play the game with one of my broadcast folders enabled, so I prefer to associate my english.iff files with each broadcast or broadcast crew. That means never having to worry about folder priority with regard to english.iff.

HEADS UP!!!!!!!!! - english.iff loads at game launch, so if you toggle to a different broadcast configuration with a different english.iff, you will need to restart the game for the sideline reporter names to take effect.

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