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NBA 2K22 TrueSim Rating Generator for PS5, PS4, Xbox & PC

Something that we have always wanted, those of us who create players and rosters in NBA 2K is some formula or generator with which we can obtain accurate ratings from real statistics.

Stanton Charlton, whom you can follow on his YouTube channel, brings us a step-by-step guide on how to generate accurate ratings, tendencies and badges for players in the NBA 2K. This guide is fully compatible with NBA 2K22 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Every year since he released his own roster for PS4, he has removed and adjusted the rating calculator that he created back then. he has kept it updated as 2K has added and removed ratings and expanded its tendencies system.

Finally he has released a first version of this insane generator, which you can download at the end of this article.


1. Fill in cells B1 through B4 of the Dashboard sheet. I did Nikola Jokic as an example.

2. Copy-paste the player's Advanced stats via Basketball-Reference in rows 7-9. You should see the win shares, OWS, DWS etc info update. Optional: If you have access to Basketball Index, enter the player's Matchup Difficulty rating using the most recent season. This helps fine-tune the defensive IQ ratings. If you don't have access to Basketball Index, leave this blank. The tool can still generate defensive ratings.

3. Go to the Data tab. This is where the tool retrieves the information it needs to produce ratings and tendencies. Copy-paste the players Totals and Shooting data from Basketball-Reference. The tool uses 3 seasons of data. Next to each season, enter the name of the player + totals or shooting + year 1/2/3 E.g. next to Jokic's first totals season (2020), the correct input is nikola jokic totals 1. You can use any combination of years you want. If you want to only use 1 year, simply copy-paste the same year 3 times e.g. same data in rows 1, 2 and 3.

4. Go to the Calc sheet.

5. Copy-paste the data in row 4 into a fresh row on the Ratings sheet.

6. In the Ratings sheet, navigate to the player's name.

7. In the RatingView sheet, select A1.

8. Hit the Display button. This will run a macro to display the player's ratings, tendencies, play types and badges in the format you'll see in 2k's player editor for easy in-game input. You may see ratings/tendencies such as moving shot that were in earlier 2k games, so you can ignore them if they don't exist, or use them if you are playing a previous 2k entry.

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