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Monday, November 22, 2021

NBA 2K22 Regular Season Dornas Pack for 30 NBA Teams by Shuajota


Last week, I released a pack with 30 realistic arenas for each NBA team. I want to thank rtomb_03 again for letting me use his textures for stanchions and baskets. You can get the arenas here.

Now I am pleased to announce the release of a pack with dornas for the 30 NBA teams, in which I have been working during the week. Thanks also to TwisT for the huge texture pack that he created for NBA 2K20. 

I have converted over 100 files and created over 50 textures from scratch to have a package updated to 2021-2022 NBA season.Every year the IDs for the dornas change, so I have had to adapt each texture individually. 

A project that I hope the community will enjoy as it will bring a new level of realism to NBA 2K22.

Important Note, Please read the instructions

Download the package from the link below, and copy my "Mods" folder to the main folder of your NBA 2K22.

Once that is done, you should make some changes to your roster so that all the dornas work correctly. By default, in NBA 2K22 not all teams have specific slots for dornas. 

Only 12 teams have slots which we can edit with custom sponsors. The rest of the teams work with generic slots. But I will tell you in detail how you can add other slots that I have used to expand the number of teams with custom dornas.

To do this, we are going to go to our roster (you can use the default 2K roster if it is your first time and you do not have a previous roster). We are going to change the IDs to the following teams, and thus we will get custom dornas on them.


Philadelphia 76ers - 610

Boston Celtics - 611

Los Angeles Clippers - 612

Utah Jazz - 613

New York Knicks - 615

Los Angeles Lakers - 741

Dallas Mavericks - 742

Brooklyn Nets - 743

Indiana Pacers - 745

New Orleans Pelicans - 750

San Antonio Spurs - 751

Minnesota Timberwolves - 752

Portand Trail Blazers - 753

Golden State Warriors - 754

Houston Rockets - 755

Washington Wizards - 756

How to Change the Dorna ID to these teams?

It´s pretty easy, we will take as an example, Los Angeles Lakers.

1. We have to load our roster, once there, we launch NBA 2K22 Tools.

2. Click on Teams and search for the NBA team. In this case, the Los Angeles Lakers. Click on edit team and click on edit stadium.

3. Now change the ID associated with dornas, in this case write 741 instead of 015. Repeat this process with all the teams that I specify above.

4. Finally, save the roster locally and and load it before starting a game in Play Now or MyLEAGUE / MyGM.

Download Link

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