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Monday, November 8, 2021

NBA 2K23 Full Court Designs in MyNBA (Wish List) by TGSoGood


NBA 2K23 Full Court Designs in MyNBA (Wish List) by TGSoGood

TGSoGood aka The Goods recently shared a concept where he shows how to add full court designs in MyNBA 2K23 for 2K developers on his YouTube channel. He has already implemented it in the game, so hopefully the 2K art developers can help push this into the game of NBA 2K23 (both generations), given that it is an incredible idea, and will be to the liking of many players around the world.

TGSoGood´s note

I think 2K should find a way to implement user ability to add full court designs to the floors when creating arenas. This feature would be available for MyNBA, TheW, MyNBA online, and ProAM.

My solution would be the following:

2K can implement 2 court floor models.
1- the current floor model that allows you to upload multiple images to a court so that the court has the look of a classic NBA, pro, College, or amateur look.

2- the second floor model only allows you to upload 1 image that will fill the entirety of the court but you will still be able to choose the colors of the court lines. example below.

I was actually able to create this floor model for 2K in less than an hour on the PC version of the game.

Thank you for time.
This quick video may also help to visualize what I am asking for. This is already possible on my side but we need this available on all consoles and pc. (This would also require image uploads to appear in game, which appears to be partially broken right now. I submitted at ticket)

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