NBA 2K22 Classic Teams 56 Murals by Ment Update (2022)



New Murals for Classic teams in NBA 2K22 PC

This mod created by the modder Ment adds new murals for classic NBA teams to NBA 2K22. Get the file at the download link below.

Team List 01.21.2022

2003 Washington Wizards, 

2006 Philadelphia 76ers, 

2006 Los Angeles Clippers

2008 Milwaukee Bucks

2008 San Antonio Spurs

2008 China 

2009 New Jersey Nets 

2009 Phoenix Suns 

2009 Detroit Pistons 

2010 Golden State Warriors

2011 Memphis Grizzlies

2014 Brooklyn Nets

2014 Houston Rockets

2016 San Antonio Spurs 

2016 Oklhoma City Thunder

2016 Toronto Raptors 

2018 Houston Rockets

56 Teams Pack: Download Link

6 Teams Pack (Extra): Download Link


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