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NBA 2K22 Fictional Draft Class with Insane Cyberfaces Pack by BlazerGun1


BlazerGun1 brings us a pretty cool fictional draft class with an insane cyberfaces pack created with cyberface mixer by Jeek313 for NBA 2K22 PC.

Top prospects

1. Name: Kaiser Larson
Age : 19
Position : SF/PF/SG
From : Louisville, and plays for his hometown university, Louisville.
description : standing at 6'9 and weigh 233 lbs, Kaiser is one of the most if not the most explosive and athletic player of the draft. He can almost do it all - good defense both in the interior and the perimeter, can score easily inside and when he drives to the paint he is very hard to stop with the combination of his athleticism and physical ability. His only known weakness is his streaky shooting and his free throw percentages - while they are not terrible he would still need to improve them to maximize his potential to become one of the best basketball players that ever stepped on the NBA court.

NBA comparison : shorter Giannis

2. Name : Courtney Callaghan

Age : 19
Position : PG/SG
From : was born and raised in Raleigh, started playing for Davidson after he finished High School
Description : standing at 6'3 and weigh in 177 lbs , Courtney is considered as the best shooter by far in this draft. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and if give him enough space you will regret it. As a teenager he loved watching the Golden State Warriors era and he took many parts of Stephen Curry's, the one he considered as his model and the true GOAT. His true weakness and the one scouts question him the most about his is playmaking ability - sometimes he would prefer to just shoot the ball and not make the correct decision to make a pass that would lead to a much more effective and efficient shot - something that he will have to work on and what will decide what type of player he eventually a becomes - a Curry like player or a Freedete one.

NBA comparison : Stephen Curry

3. Name : Louis Dupont

Age : 20
Position : SF/PF
From : was born in Marseille and played for the young and then the adult team of ASVEL Villeurbane.
Description : standing at 6'10 and weigh in 225 lbs. Louis like many other European players known for his high Basketball IQ and his solid passing abilities, but by far his best ability is his defense - can defend most positions and if he maximize his potential he will probably be able to defend 1 to 5 in a very efficient way. His main weakness is his offensive consistency and his lack of shooting for his position - if he'll be able to improve upon it he could become an All-Star level type of player, even tho scouts worry that he already hit his ceiling which is a solid starter or role player in the league.

NBA Comparison - Robert Covington

Username for search in NBA2K: BlazerGun

Draft name: My Draft - Fictional

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