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NBA 2K22 Next Gen Reshade V3.0 by GIAO

An impressive NBA 2K22 Reshade for PC users

GIAO has released for NBA 2K22 PC users a new version of his next-gen reshade, which offers a Next-Gen experience. As we already know the Steam version is the same as the PS4 and Xbox One version, being the version considered as "Current Gen".

This reshade adds an improvement in graphic quality, as well as a simulation of the HDR effect that makes everything take on a more vivid color, directly affecting the textures of the jerseys and floors. The result, as can be seen in the images below, is truly outstanding.

NBA 2K22 GIAO Next-Gen Reshade

How to Install the GIAO Next-Gen Reshade?

Installing a reshade can be a bit tedious if it's your first time. To do this, it is convenient that you watch the video tutorial below, where it is explained step by step how to install it and any other that you can find here. GIAO Next-Gen reshade can be downloaded at the link below.

Download Link

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