NBA 2K22 Official Patch 1.8 Available Now (12.1.2021) PS5 & Xbox Series X | S - Shuajota: NBA 2K23 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

NBA 2K22 Official Patch 1.8 Available Now (12.1.2021) PS5 & Xbox Series X | S


The new Official Patch 1.8(12.1.2021) is available now for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.


  • Lots of preparation for Season 3 of NBA 2K22, launching this Friday at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM GMT!

  • Addressed a rare hang that could occur at halftime in various modes

  • Removed the 75th Anniversary logos from the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz City uniforms to mirror real world usage

  • 2021 NBA Championship banners have been unveiled in the Milwaukee Bucks arena

  • The baseline text on the Cleveland Cavaliers City court floor has been updated to reflect recent real world changes

  • The following players and coaches have received new scans and/or had general likeness updates made to them:

  • New Scans: Check List and Previews here


  • Slowed down lateral dribble launches and added a shooting penalty that applies for players who zig-zag from side to side excessively before shooting

  • Fixed an issue that was causing ball handlers to hitch and slow down when running in transition

  • Adjusted the Intimidator badge to apply to jump shots in addition to dunks and layups

  • Defensive positioning logic improvements have been made to help CPU screen defenders guard the pick and roll more effectively

  • Added new “Cutter Help” defense that enables help defenders to recognize an off-ball cut to the basket and position themselves to guard it. This can be disabled with the Drive Help setting in the defensive settings menu


  • Various stability and performance improvements have been made throughout the City

  • Resolved some issues that could occur when attempting to join a friend at the Gatorade private courts


  • Continued fixes and adjustments have been made to improve the overall quest experience and ensure that all quests are tracking and completing properly

  • The Edit Playbook menu should now function correctly once unlocked

  • You are now able to change your selections when using the Suggest Free Agents menu


  • Fixed an issue with custom uniforms that could allow users to show up invisible in multiplayer games

  • Fixed an issue with Free Throws not visually tallying points in the in-game Agenda Tracker

  • Prevented Series I Agendas from qualifying for all players in the Agenda Tracker

  • Certain Event Cards will now display their names in Auction Outcomes

  • Updated the thumbnails on uniform cards to reflect new sponsor patches

  • Improved ball bounces for locker code and Triple Threat Online: The 100 Ball Drops


  • Continued stability fixes and improvements have been made for MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and The W

  • You can now properly make changes to team rotations in MyNBA Online

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