FHSH 2K22 HighSchool Mod NBA 2K22 PC (2022)


FHSH 2K22 HighSchool Mod PC

FHSH 2K22 is a fictional roster that changes everything in the game to a highschool experience. Created by Psamyou´ll, darris15k_ , Opao, cheesyy, and Talley_35 for NBA 2K22 on PC with special thanks to Mahmood , tgsogood , RobDavis and dlubell.

It includes 30 high school teams with complete branding and assets, fictional coaches with unique styles and 150 freshman class with realistic cyberfaces. In addition, TGsoGood brings us a complete tutorial on how to install FHSH 2K22 so you will be able to enjoy it in a few minutes.


Roster: "FHSH 2K22 OFFICIAL" by "Psamyou'll" on 2K Share 

Draft Classes: search "Psamyou'll" on 2K Share 

MyLEAGUE Sliders: search "Psamyou'll" on 2K Share

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- 30 High School Teams complete with branding and assets

- Fully fictional rosters with cyberfaces for every single player 

- Fictional Coaches with unique styles for every single team

- One 150 man Freshman Class with cyberfaces (2 more coming shortly after release)

- Refined ALL in game text / UI to match the high school aesthetic

- Fully branded assets and environments for different events throughout the game

- Custom curated soundtrack featuring FHSH exclusive track "Swish" by dlubell 

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