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NBA 2K22 Broadcast Teaser Music Pack by vetmin


NBA 2K22 Broadcast Teaser Music Pack

This mod adds music to the pre-game show (teaser) based on the themes of the most famous broadcasters such as ESPN, TNT and NBC for NBA 2K22 PC. Created by vetmin.


"TeaserMusic" refers to those two hype-video style montages that precede a decent chunk of games in 2k22. The game includes two types: one using a song called "Legendary" and the other using a song called "Way Up." What I've prepared is a pack of replacement music for those tracks, as well as an optional TeaserMusic.iff file that will prevent the text overlay from occurring (i.e., the one that pops up and says either "Way Up" or "Legendary"). FWIW, the audio snippets are very brief (~30 seconds), and I'm no expert on fair use, etc., but just want to clarify that this is not a collection of full songs; it's comparable to what you hear in iTunes previews.

Please note that -- as far as I know -- pre-game elements like TeaserMusic, sideline reports, etc. do not trigger for teams outside of the slots for the main 30 present-day NBA teams, so you will not see these TeaserMusic segments in such situations as a Play Now game featuring any of the teams under 2K's "Classic" and "All-Time" categories, nor would you see them in MyLeague using an expansion team or a team that has been modified within the game itself (under the Relocation tab). If you're using a retro roster in which the main Bulls team, for instance, has had DeRozan, Lavine, etc. deleted and replaced with Jordan, Pippen, etc., with no in-game edits in the Relocation tab, then the TeaserMusic and other pre-game stuff should trigger just fine for you.

Here are the tracks (which I've divided into four categories), as well as some video captures (NOTE: the camera glitchiness has nothing to do with these mods; I've been experiencing this glitchiness since launch with or without mods, and I've assumed everyone else has been experiencing it too; if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know):

BROADCAST (Official TV broadcaster themes)

  • ESPN = Present-day NBA on ESPN theme 
  • NBC Roundball Rock = Classic NBA on NBC theme
  • NBC Sports RSNs = Theme for present-day NBC Sports regional sports networks (like NBC Sports Bay Area) 
  • TNT Modern = Present-day NBA on TNT theme
  • TNT Retro = Early '90s NBA on TNT theme

LAST DANCE (memorable tracks from the series)

  • LL Cool J - "I'm Bad" 
  • Prince - "Partyman" 
  • Fatboy Slim - "Right Here, Right Now"

PLAYOFF HYPE (music used as hype music for the playoffs in real life)

  • Fort Minor - "Remember the Name" (2006 playoffs) 
  • Kanye West - "Amazing" (2009 playoffs)
  • Pitbull & Ke$ha - "Timber" (2014 playoffs)
  • Kendrick Lamar - "Humble" (2017 playoffs)

NOTE: For versatility's sake, the versions in this download are from the studio recordings of the tracks and don't include the overlaid crowd noise, broadcaster lines, etc. in the official NBA hype videos; the one exception is "Timber," which is the version in the official video with the basketball-related lyrics. Fortunately Pitbull doesn't rap about any particular players, teams, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS (random jams just for variety, or for fictional playoff hype)

  • Geto Boys - "Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" 
  • Goodie Mob - "Fight to Win" (instrumental version) 
  • House of Pain - "Jump"
  • Bobby Shmurda - "Hot N*gga"
  • Whitesnake - "Here I Go Again" (for retro leagues)

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