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NBA 2K22: FHSH 2K22 HighSchool Hoops Mod First Look

The NBA 2K modding community is one of the best communities in any sports video game scene. We are seeing how this year, many modders surprise us with new projects and tools that increase the possibilities / fun of NBA 2K22 on PC.

Modder Psamyou´ll aka EZMADDEN25 on Twitter, and Darris15k_ , Opao2k and Talley_35 (This has also been made possible with the help of Dlubell, Rob Davis, Mahmood and Cheesyy) are releasing the first version of his FHSH 2K22 project this weekend. 

This changes everything in the game to highschool, even the menu screens as we can see in the video published and narrated by TGSoGood.

This first version includes real life gyms, rosters for every team, possibly girls high school basketball teams and All-Time high school teams. Also, they have added a full custom soundtrack, which will provide a refreshing experience.

Stay tuned for the latest news on the author's Twitter and here at where the mod will be published, once he releases it.

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