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NBA 2K22: A Redesigned Blacktop Mode with This Modding Tool


If you've been a part of the NBA 2K modding community, you probably know the name "Looyh". And if not, I take this opportunity to introduce you to this modder. Looyh is a pretty talented chinese modder, who runs the Modding community EYEUC, and his skills, both technical and artistic, are outstanding. 

He is the creator of the NBA 2K22 hook plugin, which allows us to install "Mods" in NBA 2K22. And just a few hours ago he surprised us with a video uploaded on YouTube in which he shows us a preview of the new features that the next version of his tool will include (This tool is only available on PC).

The new update will completely redefine what we've seen so far in Blacktop mode, including a host of new features that will delight many players. Personally, it reminds me to NBA Live (Pro-Am, street mode) by EA Sports, where we can choose different scenarios, as well as wear each player with specific clothes. 

This gives it a very realistic result, since each player can present a different look, as we see in MyPlayer ,ode, being fully customizable by the user as we can see in the images below.

Choosing different scenarios will give us the possibility to add multiple modified cuts to our waigua, with a different ID, without having to manually replace the textures. 

In his example we can see, how Looyh uses a custom court with a design of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi.

Another novelty that this tool brings us is the possibility of selecting shirtless players. The tool will be released at EYEUC, as well as here on my website, for the disposal of all NBA 2K22 users on the PC platform.


  1. Cant wait for this tool. Kudos to EYEUC & Shuajota for all the hard work.

  2. I see this is available for purchase based on YouTubers. Where can it be purchased?

  3. Hey i tried to buy it but and it doesnt support alot of cards, just wanted people to know that :)