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NBA 2K22 Jersey & Short Template (PSD File) by Rob Davis

NBA 2K22 Jersey & Short Template

This psd file includes a template to create custom jersey and short textures for NBA 2K22 on PC. This has been created by Rob Davis and it also works for NBA 2K19, 2K20 and 2K21.

Here´s a video tutorial where I show you how to install mods on NBA 2K22 on PC (Steam). Click at the download link below to get the template ".psd" file.


  1. Shuaajota despues de terminar la jersey cómo la exporto al juego, osea, la imagen .dds?

  2. Hola Salvatore, el formato es .dds dxt y debes incluirlo en el .iff con 7zip.

  3. Hey Shua! what do I do after finishing editing the psd file? How do I export it? Would be nice for a tutorial, thanks!

    1. Hi mochireps, you have to export the texture as dds dxt5, if you open a jersey iff file with 7zip you will be able to replace the jersey textures (color, normal map and region).