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NBA 2K22 Mods: Best of 2021


Happy New Year 2022 to everyone, 

we start a new year and I hope that you all can achieve your goals. We left 2021 and it's time to recap and see the best mods that the NBA 2K Modding community has given us.

1. NBA 2K22 Tools (Roster Editor)

This tool is a roster editor created by Looyh that allows us to create custom rosters.

Download Link

2. NBA 2K22 DEST Roster (Classic NBA & FIBA)

This Dest roster update is a custom roster created by Leonchu with missing classic NBA teams and FIBA historic national teams.

Download Link

3. NBA 2K22 Realistic Arenas and Baskets

This mod created by me, Shuajota and rtomb_03 adds realistic arenas and baskets to all 30 NBA teams.

Download Link

4. NBA 2K22 Next Gen Scoreboard

This mod created by rtomb_03 adds the PS5 & Xbox Series X|S (Next Gen) Scoreboard and Breakboard to NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K21 PC.

Download Link

6. NBA 2K22 Missing Face Scans Cyberface Pack

This massive pack includes all the cyberfaces made by me, Shuajota, from scratch so far for NBA 2K22 missing face scans (players with a generic face who have not yet received an official face scan by 2K).

Download Link

7. NBA 2K22 Latest Transactions Portraits Pack Update

This pack includes portrait updates by Socks based on the latest transactions for NBA 2K22.

Download Link

8. NBA 2K22 Ultra Realistic 30 Arenas  Next Gen Lighting

This mod created by Zurci adds 30 arenas with an ultra realistic lighting based on the PS5 next gen version to NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Link

9. NBA 2K22 Remastered 30 Teams Mural Pack

The modder vdw0 brings us an insane mural pack for every NBA teams with photos from the current 2021-2022 NBA season for NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Link

10. NBA 2K22 Current Gen into Next Gen on PC

This is a compilation with the best mods for creating a next gen experience with NBA 2K22 on PC.

Download Link

You can also find my TOP 10 of the best mods for NBA 2K22 here.

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