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NBA 2K22 Next Gen Practice Facility Mod (PC)

This mod created by Hokupguy adds a next gen practice facility to NBA 2K22 on PC.

Author Notes:

Here is the NextGen Practice Facility, a few things you should know. This file is unplayable in its original form, I got it as best as possible. 

You MUST have your video settings set to ULTRA or it won't work. Also, a few known bugs, the gym environment won't load until tip-off in normal play (5v5) . 

Some camera angels are blocked out by the walls, play with camera settings to find what you like best. If you find a camera mod that works best with this gym please share it in the thread. 

They are 3 different sets of this gym in the file. A base file with no crowd and no benches. Another file is set as an open run with benches a scores table but no crowd. 

The final set is has everything crowd and all. If you want the crowd to stand up please follow instructions to get that. Pictures are included.

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