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NBA 2K22 1996-1997 Roster with Cyberfaces (2K97)

This mod created by Tony Divence adds retro roster update based on the 1996-1997 NBA season with realistic cyberfaces to NBA 2K22 on PC.

2K97 Features:

- End of the season roster
- No caps, everyone has a cyperface or a lookalike cyperface
- Correct team & arena names/jerseys, arenas and logos
- Correct team history regarding championships, division & conference titles
- Correct coaches, assistant coaches and GM's
- Correct rotation minutes and plans reflecting 1996-97 season
- Correct salaries, jersey numbers, ages, height/weight, handedness, injury history, years pro, college & draft info, nicknames, potential and peak years
- Career stats for some players
- Attributes and tendencies fixed to reflect 1996-97 season
- Correct accessories and shoes for all players (based on getty-images), signature styles for most players and badges for all
- Free agent pool with recently retired legends (Magic, Daugherty etc.) and some real life 1996-97 free agents, just for the fun of it (i'll add more in the future releases)
- Expansion teams and others that don't have enough real players are filled with "Roster Player" fill-ins that will retire after first season as a homage to NBA Live '97 to prevent computer signing free agents or generated players to fill teams
- MyLeague compatible


- Base roster by Thunder Shaq (i've redone everything but salaries, for next version i will check the salaries to be 100 % correct and if there is still some missing players)
- Missing team logos by keibo
- Arenas by Sticky-Fingers, natkra90, RayRay_953 & keibo
- Dornas by Natkra90
- Added cyperfaces by retrojack, HAO, dlubell and Dee4Three
- Coach cyperfaces, TNT scoreboard, no shot clock on court, 90's shorts & 90's ref by Sticky-Fingers

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