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How to Download Blacktop Plus for NBA 2K22 (PC)


How to Download NBA 2K22 Blacktop Plus

What is Blacktop Plus for NBA 2K22?

Blacktop Plus is a modification of the NBA 2K22 street game mode "Blacktop" created by the chinese modder Looyh, that adds new features such as the free choice to dress the NBA players with the clothing you prefer, select from a wide variety of scenarios or play with special characters such as rappers, anime, super heroes or even NBA mascots!

How to Get Blacktop Plus on NBA 2K22?

To get this plugin, TGsoGood aka TheGoods on YouTube shows us how to contact its author to be able to download it. Please note that Blacktop Plus requires the prior installation of NBA 2K22 hook, which you can download at this link. Don´t miss each of the steps in the video tutorial below!

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