NBA 2K22 67% Off Steam Promo February 2022 - Shuajota: NBA 2K22 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

NBA 2K22 67% Off Steam Promo February 2022


A new NBA 2K22 PC promotion on Steam is available (Febuary 2022). The promo is an incredible opportunity to get NBA 2K22 at a 67% discount. Offer ends 24 February.

PC version has a huge modding community with talented modders who give the game a different approach, improving its level in various aspects.

On this website you have access to daily mods with updated cyberfaces, jerseys, arenas, scoreboards, balls, tattoos, portraits, headshots etc. As well as custom rosters such as PCBasket 2K22 (Shuajota), FHSH 2K22 (Psamyou´ll), Summer Circuit 2K22 (InFaMouS ny)retro rosters and much more.

If it´s your first time on PC, I suggest you carefully watch this video tutorial on how to install mods in NBA 2K22. In the channel you have other tutorials to learn how to use different tools such as NBA 2K22 Tools, which allows you to create your own custom rosters. 

Apart from that, it is highly recommended to check out the TGSoGood´s youtube channel aka The Goods, who provides information and tutorials to learn modding basics. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comment section.

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