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NBA 2K22 Camera & Playback Mod V2.0


New View Camera for NBA 2K22 on PC

Looyh, who created NBA 2K22 Hook for the installation of mods on NBA 2K22, has released a plugin to customize the camera view and playback in a free way. So now, users can create their own settings for the camera view in-game. This addition is great for PC users because it will change the gameplay experience.

As we can see, the points of view from where the player can watch the game is practically unlimited. in this way, the user can play as a member of the crowd. 

If instead we are playing Blacktop, we can simulate that we are a spectator who walks down the street and sees his favorite stars face each other in Rucker ParkSomething incredible.

How to install Free Camera View on NBA 2K22?

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