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NBA 2K22 Mamba Forever Edition UI Theme by vetmin


This mod adds an updated UI theme based on the Mamba Forever Edition from NBA 2K21 to NBA 2K22. Created by vetmin.


To offer more user choice, I've split the install into 3 folders: (1) the general Mamba Forever splash screen and background elements, (2) the replacement of the default 2K player edit background with the general Mamba Forever background (I wanted this to be separate and easy to skip over since many of you already have custom Edit Player backgrounds that you like and want to keep, like Psamyoull's Next Gen background), and (3) the menu enhancements, since they're not Kobe-themed, and some may prefer the default. To install...

STEP 1: Within the folder of the stuff you want to install, drag any loose files into your Mods folder.
STEP 2: For the files in subfolders named like "Drag files into gooeyfrontendIFF", you need to already have the corresponding *.iff file (like gooeyfrontend.iff) in your Mods folder, and you need to open that file and drag the loose files from my subfolder into that *.iff file, clicking 'Yes' to overwrite any like-named existing files in there already.


  • Psamyoull - as the creator of the custom Edit Player BG template and as co-creator of FHSH, from which the static general BG template was extracted
  • FHSH crew - whoever's mod knowledge (i.e., whoever in addition to Psamyoull) led to being able to assign a general BG
  • Sonansu - for extracting the static general BG template from FHSH
  • Ajo (?) - for most of the menu enhancements (via his Stephen Curry theme), which I lightly tweaked and added to; it's unclear to me if Ajo created them, or if someone else created them and he simply included them in his theme; if the latter, then apologies for not being able to name you, Mr./Ms. Creator, but thank you
  • the random people out there who uploaded high-res Mamba Forever graphics, available via Google Image Search.

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