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NBA 2K22 Roster Playoffs Update with Realistic Sliders V5.27 (PC)


Here we have a realistic roster update for NBA 2K22 on PC based on the official roster update by 2K. This roster, created by Kyrie and Mubei brings a new experience with real custom sliders. Kyrie has been working with DEST team on player stats and tendencies for a long time, so he counts with a great experience.

The roster includes new tendencies, jumpshots and signatures for more than 450 players, In addition, he has fixed some contracts and updated the free agency list for a better realism.

Update 2.0: It includes a series of major changes to player abilities to tendencies, badges, and more..

Features in this Realistic Roster

1. Combined with real data, star videos, and news, more than 450 people have been changed to their ability values ​​and tendencies.

2. Strengthen the three-point tendency of the three-point shooter, and try to be as close to the shooting style of the three-point era as possible.

3. According to the foul-making ability, adjust the foul-making ability of all players.

4. Comprehensively adjust the passing ability of players, and strengthen the passing gap between master organizers and ordinary players.

5. Weakening the inside shooting ability of the role players, and highlighting the star inside line strength with singles.

6. Integrate the shooting posture changes of the original DEST list.

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