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NBA 2K22 Owners & GMs Portrait Pack by vetmin

This mod adds updated portraits for real Owners and GMs of all NBA teams to NBA 2K22 on PC

Author´s note:

This is a complete Owner + GM portrait pack (i.e., 30 owners + 30 GMs = 60 portraits in all). Simply drag and drop these 60 *.iff files into your Mods folder (heads up that there's a readme in the 7z file, so drag and drop everything but that). I have assigned the portraits to the default staff members in the CFO and Assistant GM slots, since those are the de facto Owner and GM slots in MyLeague.

Here´s a video tutorial where I show you how to install mods on NBA 2K22 on PC (Steam). Click at the download link below to get the modded files.

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