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NBA 2K22 DEST Roster (Cyberface Pack) by leonchu


A massive pack with cyberfaces for missing players

This cyberface pack created by leonchu adds cyberfaces for missing players on his Dest Roster for NBA 2K22 on PC that includes updated rosters for current NBA teams and missing classic NBA and FIBA teams.

The pack adds many cybrfaces created from the scratch and updated previous 2K´s models. Check them at the list link below.

NBA retro and current players included in this pack

The following list includes all the new cyberfaces:

- Thurl Bailey (Retro Player)
- Terence Morris
- Reggie Miller
- Reggie Miller 1998-97 
- Reggie Evans
- Oliver Miller
- Maurice Tayler
- Tito Maddox
- Kris Humphries
- Klevin Cato
- Kendrick Perkins
- Elden Campbell
- David Lee
- Darius Morris
- Corie Blunt
- Brad Miller
- Juaquin Hawkins
- Reggie Perry (Current player)
- Sun Minghui (FIBA player)
- Ren Junfei (FIBA player)

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