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NBA 2K22 Guangdong Southern Tigers Mural Mod


What is a Mural in NBA 2K22

A mural in NBA 2K22 refers to the image that shows a team's logo or players in the team selection menu before playing a game. Murals usually have the name chr_mXXXX_mural.iff with the letter X being the ID of the player with the highest overall associated with that team. The file must be copied into the Mods folder.

Modded Guangdong Southern Tigers Mural

This mod created by the author s3240481073 adds a mural for the Guangdong Southern Tigers, a chinese team that belongs to the CBA. NBA 2K22 does not include this team by default, so it will need to be assigned to a team with NBA 2K22 Tools. Check it out at the link below!

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