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How to Make a Cyberface in 10 Minutes for NBA 2K22 (PC)

How to Make a Cyberface for NBA 2K22 PC

Make a Cyberface by yourself for NBA 2K22 on PC (Tutorial)

With this tutorial created by Shuajota you will learn how to make a cyberface in just 10 minutes for NBA 2K22 on PC. The process is focused on creating fictional cyberfaces since you don't need knowledge on Blender but game files will be used. A process similar to that used by Cyberface Mixer. It will be very useful for your custom rosters, draft classes and your MyPLAYER.

The process is explained step by step in the video below, where you will basically have to select three or four players according to the base model, face texture, hair and facial hair model that you want to use. Once you identify the IDs of every player, you will need to extract the game files from NBA 2K22. For this, it will be necessary to use NBA 2K22 Tools, Export Console and Notepad ++.

Finally, once you have all the files selected and you have finished configuring them to make the cyberface for your fictional player, you must assign an Face ID to it. It´s recommended to use 20000 and up. The last step will be to copy those files to your mods folder and assign it to a player with 2K22 Tools.

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