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NBA 2K22 Grayson Allen Cyberface Update by JoyceZ


NBA 2K22 Kevin Huerter Cyberface

Mod Description

This mod adds a cyberface and body update for Grayson Allen to NBA 2K22.

Author: JoyceZ

Release Date: 04.28.2022

Version: NBA 2K22

Category: Cyberfaces


  1. Hello, brother.I am a person who you ask for the Jersey and Pitch of cba. THE EYEUC isSomething wrong. Do you still need those resources? Give me a way to send.thanks

    1. Hey, I would like to get that, can you upload the textures to mediafire or mega? You can post the download link. I appreciate it! Thanks!

    2. all right!In about two or three days Contact you.I'm at work these days.We will have a holiday in two day and i will Send resources to you