PCBasket 2K22 Final Four Update V1.5 (05.14.2022) Released - Shuajota: NBA 2K23 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

PCBasket 2K22 Final Four Update V1.5 (05.14.2022) Released


NBA 2K22 Euroleague Final Four

PCBasket 2K22 V1.5 (05.14.22) Patch Notes

- Euroleague Final Four Arena (Belgrade 2022)

- Updated jerseys for Joventut Badalona

- New Cyberfaces and tattoos


1. Roland Smits (FC Barcelona)
2. Pierria Henry (Fenerbahce)
3. Leo Westermann (AS Monaco)

- Added updated tattoos:

1. Hassan Martin (Olympiacos BC)
2. Howard Sant-Roos (Panathinaikos Athens)
3. Pierria Henry (Fenerbahce)
4. Donatas Montiejunas (AS Monaco)
5. Roland Smits (FC Barcelona)

How to Install the Euroleague Final Four Arena on NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 Euroleague Final Four Gameplays




    Hello congrats for the amazing work!!!However i have an issue,I wanted to make some transfers(like Mike James to Olympiacos and Shane Larkin to Real) and generally i made many transfers ONLY between euroleague teams.This happens from version 1 until now,i have downloaded everything right.In the first time i downloaded the mod from the torrent and believed that was the issue so i deleted it and downladed every part separately,in 'PLAY NOW' everything work good and i can play with all teams.However when i go to play MyLeague,it crashes before even I start but if I take only 2 or 3 Euroleague teams and the rest are NBA teams it works.Please if you have time help me because i have tired for many hours.

    Sorry for my bad english,I want to add that i didnt edit anything in teams or players,does NBA2K22 have a log so you can understand what is wrong?

    1. Hi Panos, there was an issue with Milan but I fixed it after Update V1.1 and now the original roster works fine in MyLeague but...If you have edited my roster, it is likely that you have made a mistake or have teams with fewer players than necessary. I advise you to make the transfers once a MyLeague has started with my original roster. Go to MyLeague, search my online roster (don´t load a local roster) and put 30 Euroleague, Eurocup or ACB teams. Select just one of them and start the MyLeague. It will load the schedule without issues. After that you can select more teams and make your own transfers.

    2. Thanks for the quick answer,every team that i use in MyLeague have 14 or 15 players,I did the same thing for 2 years in PCBASKET 2K20 and never had problem.Can you analayze me more the way to start MyLeague because i think i dont know it and thank you again.

  2. I will recorded a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkaLdTOEczs

    1. Thank you for your help and for your time

  3. Hello shuajota, thank you for your work this amazing i for it all year ...i have the steam vertion ,i can't update the game with the 5 update you made...when i download the update i don't see same faces.example scotie wilbekin...when i download and update i stop see the team i update...i hope you understand...thank you for all

    1. Hi Nadav, thank you but I don´t understand what you mean. You need to download the base files (23 parts) and after that make sure you download all the minor updates (V1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4 and 1.5) Copy the Mods folder into your main 2K22 installation folder and replace the files. Everything should work fine. And don´t forget to download the latest roster in-game from 2Kshare.