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NBA 2K22 Realistic Animations from NBA 2K11 & NBA 2K14


NBA 2K22 Realistic Animations

Mod Description

This mod adds realistic animations from NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K14 to NBA 2K22 PC.
The name of the patch is nba_animations.iff. After the download is complete, unzip it and put it in the Mods folder.

Author:  JasonJoseph

Release Date: 07.03.2022

Version: NBA 2K22

Category: Animations

Dry pulling replacement:
   Glen Robinson III→Athletic 2 ( close pull-up)
   Dirk Nowitzki→Athletic 5
   Ben McLemore→Athletic 6
   Trey Burke→Stiff (replaces left and right hands facing the basket only)

Turnaround shot Substitution:
   Michael Jordan (keeps the shoulder shake and half turnaround shot)→Normal 2
   Nate Robinson ( Added MJ's shoulder shake and half turn shot) →Normal 5

  Step back replacement:
   Glen Robinson III→Normal 2+ Normal 11
   Dirk Nowitzki→Normal 4

  *Because most of the jumpers after the replacement are in the dribbling action package and the counter-shooting action package There is no corresponding name, only the replaced action (mostly leaning back, use with caution)
  jumper lower body (Lower/Base): J=Jumper S=Jump
   J2, LeBron James (same action, 2K14 original, with animation)
   J29 (with animation, McGrady)
   J92 (with animation, Jordan)
   J96 (NBA2K11 Fadeaway - Guard default)
   J115 (NBA2K11 Fadeaway - Dwyane Wade)
   S24 (with animation, Kobe)
   S32 (NBA2K14 Fadeaway - Derrick Rose)
   S33, Larry Bird

 Other replacements:

   1. Remove all shooting and landing actions (except the park)

   2. Remove Dry pull jumper Normal 1's close-range monkey jump is replaced with a close-range shot in 2K20 (with animation, McGrady 567p), if there are left-handed players who originally equipped Normal 1, it is recommended to change to other, this modification is for Athletic 2,5 , 6 are valid

   3. Candace Parker's free throw shot is replaced by Kobe, and the preparation is unchanged (the original Kobe's arm is too far forward after the preparation is completed, and the butt is too obvious..)

        Free Throw 42 free throw is replaced by LaVine, and the preparation is unchanged.

   4*. Since a single jump shot file contains 1 shot and 1 lower body, replacing the lower body will cause some of the shots to change. 

Animation Preview

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