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Find Out How to Play NBA 2K23 Next Gen on PC


NBA 2K23 Next Gen PC

If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you are a NBA 2K player on PC (Steam) and you are wondering if NBA 2K23 will be Next Gen version on PC.

In July, 2K announced NBA 2K23 and with it, the platforms where the video game will be available. Unfortunately 2K is not yet betting on the PC platform for the Next Gen version of NBA 2K23 although it is something that the 2K Sports team is investigating for the future as they point out in the NBA 2K23 FAQ that you can find here.

But all is not lost if you want to enjoy a Next Gen version of NBA 2K23 on PC. For this, the first requirement will be to have a PC Gaming. If we have a PC with high performance then we will find the solution in Modding with the NBA 2K23 Mods.

If you don't know what Modding is in NBA 2K PC community, the term refers to the modification of the video game through new models like cyberfaces (face scans) and arenas, textures like jerseys and courts and roster updates that modders (artists such as graphic designers, 3D modelers, etc.) create by expanding the possibilities of the video game. Even with the creation of tools that allow players to create custom cyberfaces like Cyberface Mixer by Jeek313.

That is why we have been able to see players, celebrities, rappers, singers or even manga characters in NBA 2K. As well as rosters that have other leagues apart from the NBA, such as the PCBasket 2K22 project that includes teams from the Euroleague and FIBA created by Shuajota.

Well, some modders like Mahmood have been able to create improvements in the lighting effects, simulating with great precision the lighting that we can find in the NBA 2K23 Next Gen version. He has also been able to redesign the user interface which has brought an innovative and fresh experience to PC owners. with the project called NBA 2K Remastered that has been available for NBA 2K21, NBA 2K22 and will be available for NBA 2K23 once it is released.

If you are interested in trying the version available for NBA 2K22, you can download it here and discover what the NBA 2K modding community is capable of. As you can see, until 2K gives us the next gen version of NBA 2K23, we can use the mods to enjoy an experience similar to what we can find on new gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This post will be updated regularly with the goal of collecting the best NBA 2K23 mods that simulate a Next Gen experience on PC. At this website you will find the best, mods, rosters and cyberfaces for NBA 2K23. The NBA 2K23 Release Date is September 9, 2022.

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