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NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge Trailer, Screenshots & Details


NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge

This year, with NBA 2K23 we will be able to relive the career of Michael Jordan from his beginnings, in his days as a college player from North Carolina, until his winning shot in the 1998 NBA finals against the Utah Jazz with The Jordan Challenge.

In NBA 2K11 we were already able to enjoy a game mode with which to relive some of the most memorable moments of Michael Jordan´s career history. More than ten years later, 2K once again gives us the opportunity to play as Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23 in both Next Gen (PS5 and Xbox Series) and Current Gen (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC).

In NBA 2K23, The Jordan Challenge is a completely immersive narrative experience that will allow all NBA 2K fans to tell the story of Michael Jordan's career like never before seen in a video game.

The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23 consists of 15 unique game experiences as 2K exposes in its latest courtside report.

 The gameplay faithfully recreates the basketball of the 1980s and 1990s which was much more physical than the current one. So it will not be the same to play with current NBA teams than classic NBA teams.

The Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23

1. 1982 National Championship: University of North Carolina vs. Georgetown

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan North Carolina

2. 1984 Team USA Basketball Scrimmage

3. 1986 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 2

4. 1988 NBA All-Star Game

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan 1988 All-Star Game

5. 1989 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 5

 6. 1990 Atlanta Hawks at Chicago Bulls

7. 1990 Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

8. 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3

9. 1991 NBA Finals, Game 5

10. 1992 NBA Finals, Game 1

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan 1992 Finals

11. 1995 Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

12. 1996 NBA Finals, Game 6

13. 1997 NBA Finals, Game 5

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan 1997 Finals

14. 1997 Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers

15. 1998 NBA Finals, Game 6

NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge Trailer