NBA 2K23 Retro Face Scans (Cyberfaces) for Classic Players



NBA 2K23 Retro Face Scans Cyberfaces

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Retro Face Scans

DoctahtobogganMD, well-known creator of cyberfaces for NBA 2K on PC, has recently posted a list at NLSC site of retro player face scans he has found in NBA 2K22 game files. These scans correspond to classic players that 2K has included in the latest MyTeam updates. He and sevin0seven are naming each of these renders.

ID 8690 - Gerald Wilkins

NBA 2K23 Gerald Wilkins Cyberface

ID 8711 - Dan Issel

NBA 2K23 Dan Issel Cyberface

ID 8716 - Rickey Green

ID 8749 - Lamond Murray

ID 8752 - Lamond Murray

ID 8759 - Luke Jackson

ID 8761 - Willie Anderson