NBA 2K24 Realistic Accessories Pack



NBA 2K24 Realistic Accessories Pack

Realistic Accessories for NBA 2K24

This project started off with the undershirts mod and quickly spiraled into something more. Here's a quick breakdown of what's packaged by monja.

NBA 2K24 Realistic Accessories Pack

5 Undershirt Variations
- Standard Undershirt
- V Neck Undershirt (AD Style)
- Baggy Undershirt
- Sleeveless Undershirt
- Loose Sleeveless Undershirt (Kyrie Style)

Compressions Shorts fix
- Fixed most of the clipping issues that would occur with the default model
- adjusted Knee Sleeve & Hex Pad to go below the shorts

Updated Static Jersey models
- Remodeled the static Classic & Nike jersey models to be more loose fitting, so everyone doesn't look like Dwight Howard from 2012.

Curry Ankle Brace

- This was a quick one, I noticed while looking at Steph's references that the default model was a bit too large. just a quick little resize in blen

Adjusted Rubber band placement
- Moved the left and right single rubber band down a bit so it doesn't look like it's floating.
Note: There are still minor clipping issues on the shorts and undershirts during extreme angles. it's just the nature of accessories this year.