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5 Most Realistic Gameplay Sliders for NBA 2K23


NBA 2K23 Realistic Sliders (

Best Gameplay Sliders for NBA 2K23 (2023)

Every year, 2K tries to recreate a basketball simulator as realistic as possible with NBA 2K. NBA 2K23 is the most realistic basketball video game so far and with the new gameplay it feels like 2K has been hard at work.

Despite this, the game may not always be to the liking of all players. This is why 2K Sports adds a system for creating custom sliders, with which players can create their own combinations that meet their preferences and needs.

That is why we can find multiple sliders created by members of the NBA 2K community. The most realistic sliders can be done with a combination of tweaks that will improve the gaming experience.

Here is the list of the five best gameplay sliders created by the members of the NBA 2K community and which are available on 2Kservers. Make sure you introduce the username correctly before you select your favorite sliders.

NBA 2K23 TOP 5 Sliders (2023)

1. Name: real NBA 22/12.04
Username: Xixi_Wuyanzu

2. Name: 100% REAL Setting
Username: alahehenina

3. Name: Kyrie GS
Username: Lisztomania

4. Name: real gs real game
Username: fuangyi17

5.  Name: #Shady
Username: ShadyMikeGaming