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NBA 2K23 Realistic Sliders (Real Life Sim) V1.4


NBA 2K23 Realistic Sliders (

Mod Description

Here are the most realistic sliders for NBA 2K23 to make the gameplay a real life experience.

Author:  kyrie

Release Date: 09.28.2022

Version: NBA 2K23

Category: Sliders


  1. In which folder is supposed to paste the files "Userdata" and "Settings"? Thanks in advance :)

  2. Can I rename the new sliders and put in the same folder and load it everytime or just copy /replace the default just have a back up fo it?

  3. What difficulty do I need to use to make it work ? "Custom", or is it a specific difficulty ?

  4. Do I need to load anything to make this work? Or is this already applied when I start MyLeague? Thanks

  5. Hi DAVE, it loads automatically.