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NBA 2K23 Remastered Nex-Gen PC Beta 0.1.0 Released


NBA 2K23 Remastered Nex-Gen PC

Mod Description

NBA 2K23 Remastered brings the next-gen version to PC.

This beta version includes:

- 30 Team Bench Shirts (2K22 Port)
- Updated 2KU, MyGM, and MyLeague Practice Loading Screens w/ Blue Space BG
- Custom Psamyou'll NBA Ball (2K22 Port)
- Updated fonts in English.iff: added eras fonts from elsewhere, removed stratum2_bold and replaced with Druk_Medium
- Updated Perfect Release SFX sounds and multiple UI SFX (2K22 Port, WIP later on)
- Overhauled Roster Viewer
- Removed Top Nav Bar in MyLeague (Globally as well)
- Updated Shoe Creator BG
- Updated Slider Bar & Rotation Minutes texture
- Updated Main Menu Buttons
- Updated Pause Menu 2K Logo
- Updated Main Menu Logo
- Updated Loading Screen
- Updated CAP Suite (Buttons, Background, Top Bar, etc.)
- Updated Selection Gradient
- Updated Dialogue Box (Panel that pops up when you select a player on a roster)
- Overhauled Pause Menu w/ New Gen Icons (Still Mostly WIP, will receive minor color / design changes)

Full notes are available in the download file.

Hope you all enjoy this beta! This was made in only a week of development.

Author:  Mahmood

Release Date: 09.17.2022

Version: NBA 2K23

Category: Graphic Mod

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