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NBA 2K23 Remastered Nex-Gen PC Beta 0.2.0 Released


NBA 2K23 Remastered Nex-Gen PC Beta 0.2.0

Mod Description

NBA 2K23 Remastered brings the next-gen version to PC.

Beta V0.2.0 includes:

- Updated Loading screen to Version 0.2.0
- Added New CAP Expression (Removed Awkward Slow Blink)
- Finished Dialogue Box Revamp
- Updated Dialogue Box Highlight & Fixed Scale for long text
- Updated CAP Builder Title Plate for Looyh's PlayerEditor+ Plugin (Reduce tall player clipping)
- Updated MyLeague Ticker (BG Material)
- Added MyGM Menus to MyLeague under Tuning Slider section (Jersey Sales, etc. - Thanks Vetmin)
- Updated Main Menu logo to Version 0.2.0
- Updated Instant Replay Bar to fit theme
- Added SimonnLee Xbox Series X Button Texture
- Fixed MyLeague Calendar Box Scaling Issue


GOALS FOR v0.3.0:

- Update Team Select Sock Color menu
- Fix MyLeague Calendar Box Teamlogos being covered
- Overwrite all Vanilla HUD Textures & Images
- Fix Green chroma glitches around 3D Logos
- Fix Readability / Usability in certain menus (Such as Advanced Rotation Menu)
- Updated Sliders color
- Implement Team Select Background & Bars to reduce clipping on sides / bottom
- Update PlayNow BG Motif
- Update MyLeague and PlayNow Main Menu button images / portraits
- Re-do initial splash screen to fit new theme
-- Update Options menu
- Fix MyCareerButtons texture not showing
- Update Fonts in select menus
- Implement new unused menus such as GameRules

Author:  Mahmood

Release Date: 09.19.2022

Version: NBA 2K23

Category: Graphic Mod

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