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NBA 2K23 Remastered: Next Gen Experience on PC


NBA 2K23 Remastered Next Gen PC

NBA 2K23 Next-Gen on PC

This year, the NBA 2K PC community was excitedly waiting for NBA 2K23 on PC to be the next-gen version available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Instead, 2K has bet another year on the current gen version for PC.

Fortunately, the NBA 2K PC modding community is one of the most talented communities in sports video games, with creators capable of expanding the possibilities of NBA 2K to practically infinite terms. A good example can be found in the modder Mahmood, who for two years in a row has been hard at work on his "Remastered" project, which provides PC gamers with a next-gen experience in NBA 2K.

This is the third year of his project, and it promises to be the best version to date. 2K updated the UI in a brilliant way, and this has given Mahmmod a set of new resources, fonts, textures, and templates to work with in a revamped design that's much more complex and awesome than previous years. In addition to a redesigned user interface, this project will feature realistic jerseys for all 30 NBA teams, and a new lighting system that will mimic the one used by 2K in NBA 2K23 next-gen on consoles.

NBA 2K23 Next-Gen PC

As we can see, the potential of NBA 2K23 Remastered has no limits. For now, Mahmood has set a release date for the first quarter of 2023, although he will be releasing multiple public betas that will serve to polish endless details, with the goal of publishing a final version that matches his previous work. A gem that no PC gamer should miss out on. The first of these, Version 0.1.0, is available today, September 17th at 4PM EST.

Beta 0.2.0

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