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NBA 2K23 Cyberfaces & Hairstyles Player Likness #4


NBA 2K23 Modded Cyberfaces Update (Player Likness #4)

Mod Description

This includes adds cyberface updates based on the latest hairstyles to NBA 2K23 for players such as Austin Rivers, Ja Morant, P.J. Washington and others.

Release Date: 11.22.2022

Version: NBA 2K23

Category: Cyberfaces

Austin Rivers: Download Link

P.J. Washington: Download Link

Al Horford: Download Link

Jimmy Butler: Download Link

Caris LeVert: Download Link

Ja Morant: Download Link

Luka Doncic: Download Link

Davis Bertans: Download Link

Kyrie Irving: Download Link

Loonie Walker IV: Download Link