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NBA 2K23 Updated 2022-2023 City Edition Jerseys (30 Teams)


NBA 2K23 Updated City Edition Jerseys (30 Teams)

All 2023 NBA City Edition Jerseys

2K hasn't added all of the city edition jerseys to the current gen yet, but many creators have already started sharing their designs with the community. Here you have the complete and regularly updated list with the best city edition jerseys for each of the NBA teams.

If you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, then you already can get them with the latest official update by 2K. Take a look at the new 2022-2023 city edition jerseys here

000. Philadelphia 76ers - Not Released Yet

001. Milwaukee Bucks - Download Link

002. Washington Wizards - Already included by 2K

003. Chicago Bulls - Download Link

004. Cleveland Cavaliers - Download Link

005. Boston Celtics - Download Link

006. Los Angeles Clippers - Download Link

009. Atlanta Hawks - Download Link

010. Miami Heat - Download Link

031. Charlotte Hornets - Download Link

014. New York Knicks - Not Released Yet

015. Los Angeles Lakers - Download Link

016. Orlando Magic - Download Link

017. Dallas Mavericks - Download Link

018. Brooklyn Nets - Not Released Yet

019. Denver Nuggets - Not Released Yet

021. Detroit Pistons - Download Link

022. Toronto Raptors - Download Link

023. Houston Rockets - Not Released Yet

025. San Antonio Spurs - Download Link

026. Phoenix Suns - Download Link

027. Minnesota Timberwolves - Download Link

029. Golden State Warriors - Download Link


  1. Some of those download links don't work at all.

    1. Which ones? can you specify please? For me the links work properly. Let me know to check them again.