NBA 2K24 & NBA 2K23 Realistic Arenas (30 Teams)


30 Most Realistic Arenas for NBA 2K23

NBA 2K24 Realistic Arenas

NBA 2K24 with Visual Concepts as the studio in charge of its development has managed to create the most realistic basketball video game to date. Realism includes different areas that can go from gameplay to everything related to the art department: face scans, arenas, jerseys, etc. And NBA 2K23 brings the player an outstanding experience.

Although there are some aspects to improve in future updates. Currently, many NBA 2K24 players still yearn for some elements that were introduced in the last generation and that for some reason have not been followed in the same direction, or have not been given the necessary attention to detail. An example of this is the NBA arenas.

VC did something unprecedented with the arenas by faithfully recreating each one in a precise way. Adding an unique lighting for each stadium including temperature via kelvins to give each arena a real atmosphere. Every arena was different from the others. Lights played an important role giving touches of color and saturation never seen before in a basketball video game.

This project created by Shuajota with the help of the work of rtomb_03 and Santicruyff aims to bring back the NBA arenas in the most realistic way possible to NBA 2K24. This includes realistic lighting for all 30 NBA arenas adding light values according to the real ones that can be perceived as well as adding current sponsors to each basketball stanchion.

These arenas work on NBA 2K24 PC but without a doubt, this project hopes to inspire 2K Sports to consider returning that feeling of authenticity to each stadium. Scanning each arena the same way they scan each player to faithfully recreate the face scan would be a point that all fans would love. 

Feeling like you are playing at Madison Square Garden, Arena (formerly known as Staples Center) or Barclays Center is something special and that the potential of the new gen will allow you to perform at a level never seen before. What are your thoughts about NBA arenas? What improvements would you add? Leave your ideas in comments.

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