NBA 2K23 NBA Christmas Day Jerseys



NBA 2K23 NBA Christmas Day Jerseys

NBA Christmas Day Jerseys in NBA 2K23

Christmas is here and it is inevitable not to remember the NBA Christmas Day Jerseys first introduced by Adidas. These striking and brightly colored jerseys were worn by the NBA teams only on Christmas Day, which made them truly exclusive.

Every year, Adidas renewed them and there was always an expectation behind them, like everything that surrounds the NBA. Who does not remember Kobe Bryant in the completely white uniform or Carmelo Anthony in the orange one. 

Those vibes have not returned to the NBA since Nike is the official brand of the NBA jerseys and there are many fans who are crying out for their return. That is why, here you have 30 NBA Christmas Day Jerseys created by Shuajota and based on those retro uniforms but with a fresh touch, as if Nike had designed them for the current season.

To add these uniforms, you must follow the steps in this tutorial, which shows how to add custom jerseys to a roster.

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