NBA 2K23 Real Referees with Cyberfaces


NBA 2K23 Real Referees with Cyberfaces

Real Referees in NBA 2K23

Have you ever imagined having real referees in NBA 2K23? NBA 2K23 is the most realistic basketball simulator to date, but adding real referees in-game would undoubtedly add an extra level of realism. Who knows, perhaps this is something we will see in NBA 2K24. It would definitely be a hit by 2K Sports. 

This year, 2K has included a greater variety of face scans for the referees in NBA 2K23, which is appreciated. Having different men and women as referees gives NBA 2K23 a more authentic experience, but the face scans are not real referees in real life. 

However, there is a way to get real referees with realistic cyberfaces for Marc Davis, Tony Brothers, and Bill Kennedy. You can find them at the link below. And feel free to write in the comments section the names of your favorite referees to include them. Adding real referees to NBA 2K23 would take the game to the next level.