PCBasket 2K23 Roster Update 1.02 Released


EuroLeague Roster Update (04.16.23 Notes)

The new roster update 1.02 for PCBasket 2K23, the most revolutionary roster in NBA 2K23, is now available. This massive update promises unparalleled realism by faithfully recreating European basketball. Realistic accessories, attributes, signatures, and shoes have been added for all players from EuroLeague, EuroCup, BCL, and ACB. Over 2000 completely realistic players are now included. 

In addition, playbooks have been added for teams, rivalries between clubs, and realistic coaches for each EuroLeague team. The rotations for each team have also been adjusted to match reality. All of this new content, along with the EuroLeague Realistic Sliders, will make the EuroLeague experience the most satisfying one ever created for fans.

- Added realistic accessories for All EuroLeague players.

- Added realistic attributes, tendencies and signatures for every EuroLeague, EuroCup, BCL and ACB player.

- Real Life playbooks for every team and normalize player minutes for every EuroLeague, EuroCup, BCL and ACB team.

- Real coaches for all EuroLeague team.

- Real team rivalries

- Realistic EuroLeague Sliders